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At Bleu Perle Border Collies
we are working in keeping these values.

An intense work in the past, the Border Collie became the best smart dog in the world. That is why in Bleu Perle border collies, we work to contribute our bit to the race. For many years, we have searched all over the world for specimens with excellent character and good health and morphology. Thank all the breeders that have allowed us to bring these lines to Spain and that have made it possible for us to enjoy and work with these wonderful dogs.

Bleu Perle Border Collies
See our facilities.

Our facilites are located in Sádaba (Zaragoza, Spain), where more than three hundred thousand square meters are available to our Border Collies to run and enjoy wide open spaces. Also, we have an agility track where our Border Collies take their first steps in this discipline and circuits to train our Borders with sheep, geese and cows.

In Bleu Perle Border Collies
see our dogs moving.

At Bleu Perle Border Collies we train our dogs as shepherds, in agility and Frisbee. The best way to see whether our puppy should work, as we want, is seeing how the parents do.

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